Nutritional Medicine = Food as medicine.

“There are no magic wands, feed your body nourishing food and it responds with vibrant energy and vitality”  Jessica Paynter


Everything we consume affects our bodies ability to thrive so choosing nutrient dense foods, free from additives and processing, is like running your car on premium fuel compared to water –  there is simply no comparison.

Sometimes when we are already facing a health crisis, it is difficult to meet our needs with food alone so supplementation has its place to address underlying deficiencies, reduce toxicity and to help your body heal itself so you can feel better sooner!

I often hear that it is too expensive to eat healthy. A backyard vegie garden is a great, budget friendly way to ensure I know where my food has come from and what chemicals it has been exposed to. I love “shopping” for my dinner in the garden before I decide what I am going to prepare that night. I can already hear you saying “I don’t have time for that” but you can start with just a few pots of herbs and greens then build up to something bigger and you will be amazed at how good food tastes when it has been freshly picked.

It can be difficult to navigate the “white noise” of wellness marketing so it is my promise to you that I will always provide you with up to date, evidence backed information from reputable sources.

With my background in hospitality and experience being personal chef to my daughters, I have a toolbox full of tips and tricks to incorporate more nutrient dense ingredients into your diet and ultimately get you feeling enthusiastic about  preparing truly health-giving meals for you and your family.