Jessica Paynter

jess-photoNutritional Medicine Practitioner and Practitioner researcher – Adv. Dip. (NutMed)


  • Advanced diploma (Nutritional Medicine)
  • ESSA Certified HEAL facilitator (Healthy Eating, Activity and Lifestyle for the prevention and treatment of Diabetes and Cardiovascular disease)
  • Cert III Hospitality (Commercial cookery)
  • HLT21107 Certificate II in Emergency Medical Service First Response


  • Member of: Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS)

Recognised Nutrition provider for the following Private health funds:

Medibank, AHM, Teachers Union, GU Health, CBHS, Australian Unity, HBF, NIB

From a young age I found the human body fascinating and was in my element during High School Biology and Human Development classes. It wasn’t until I was pregnant with my first daughter that I began to delve deeper into the role of food in preventative health care.

My interest in fresh local produce and love of cooking had been nurtured while I was young  through many afternoons in the kitchen with Nan, but my passion was really ignited when it came to my attention that nutritious food was able to shape the health outcomes of not only myself but my children and even my grandchildren. It was this passion that led me to studying Nutritional Medicine, nutritional genomics and epigenetics, which are part of a relatively new biomedical research field, revealing that although our genes may affect our lifetime health outcomes, they are highly dependent on environmental influences, in particular dietary intake, nutrient availability and toxin exposure.  With this in mind, I view my role as a practitioner is to educate families about the importance of Nutrition to reduce the future impact of “lifestyle diseases” throughout the lifespan.

As a wife and mother of two young children I understand the importance of life balance, health and weight management, as these have not always come naturally to me. My personal journey has consisted of a few health challenges along the way, through the ups and downs I have come to the realisation that perfection doesn’t equal happiness, appearance alone is not a measure of health and to appreciate what it means to be healthy on a much deeper level.

For me nothing is more satisfying than sharing my experience (the good, bad and ugly truth) and love of nourishing food with my clients so that you too can be inspired to take each new day as an opportunity to take a step closer to the best version of you possible.

“There are no magic wands, feed your body nourishing food and it responds with vibrant energy and vitality”


Hear from others about the positive impact nutritional medicine has had on their health and quality of life.