“I’d been suffering a range of seemingly unrelated health problems for years & after seeing many doctors had pretty much given up. Jess was finally someone who listened to me and looked at my symptoms as a whole. Jess has helped me get to the bottom of what’s happening in my body and has kept me on track throughout the process of beginning to heal. I can honestly say it’s been life changing, Jess I can’t thank you enough for your knowledge, advice and friendly shoulder to lean on, you are amazing!” Lauren Stein

“I went to see Jessica when I was at the end of the line and had ran out of options. I have been doing what she has told me to do for 5 weeks today and I have lost 6.8kgs in just FIVE weeks!! Along with this is just the amazing therapy session she gives me. I can talk to her openly and she genuinely cares about her patients. Her passion for her job is super infectious and I love all the knowledge she has passed on to me. Can’t wait to see what the future holds. Thanks Jessica“ Kayleigh Harold

“Going to Jess was the best thing I ever did!!!
Apart from her knowledge of nutrition, Jessicas bright and bubbly personality makes her so approachable. I made an appointment with Jessica because I had issues such as night snacking, poor diet, fatigue and insufficient sleep. Over a period of years, I tried all sorts of diets, I calorie counted and tried all different ways to stop eating at night. In a short space of two months, Jess has not only taught me how to eat properly, I’ve stopped snacking at night and sleep solidly. She has educated me with proper food choices and it has changed my life. I now eat more than I ever did before, shed a few kilos and have so much more energy.
She has kept me updated with delicious, easy recipes and is always contactable for advice.
I thought a Nutritionist was all about weight loss but Jess was so much more” Jackie Sheppard

“I have been seeing Jessica for a couple of months now and in that time, I’ve seen a significant improvement in my general health, quality of sleep and stress levels. The advice I have received has been easy to implement into my working and family life and the results have been really positive. I particularly appreciate her focus on my diet and lifestyle (rather than pushing lots of supplements as a short-term solution). I always look forward to my check ins and getting new recipes and tips from her ” Sam Hall

“I have been seeing Jessica for nearly 2 months now and it has been a huge lifestyle change for the best. I was feeling horrible before seeing Jess it has changed my physical and mental health and I feel amazing. I still have a long way to go. But with the knowledge and guidance from Jess I now know I can do it.” Jade Maree Charles

“I have seen Jessica a week ago and was inspired by her enthusiasm in wanting to help me meet my goals as well as her extensive knowledge. So, with the food diary she gave me and her encouragement I set about my task of normalizing my blood pressure and losing weight. With my follow up visit, we were amazed that my blood pressure was so much better and I had lost 1.5 kilos in only 1 week! Thank you Jessica!” Janet Adcock

“Before meeting Jess, I had struggled with my health and was unable to lose weight. I was convincing myself I was eating healthy – I wasn’t. Jess has provided me with useful and practical tools that I have been able to implement (and maintain). Jess has completely changed my world. Jess is so caring and compassionate and a wealth of knowledge and with her assistance, my lifestyle has changed, for the better.” Rachel Burgess